Cardi B Strips Naked In Video To Address Leaked Picture of Her Black Punanni

Cardi B has come out to address the picture of herself and her husband on the Billboard red carpet which sparked wide uproar on the internet yesterday.

An alleged picture of the female rapper and her husband; Offset in which Cardi’s private part showed caused a frenzy on the internet as many people made hilarious gestures towards her.

The picture caused an argument among music fans as some feel the picture is the work of a Photoshop while others feel it is real and her private part showed.

However in the midst of the argument, Cardi B has made a video to clear the air as she revealed there is no way her private part would show in the pose she wore in the picture. In the video, she stripped naked to do the exact posture she wore in the picture to proof it’s fake.

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Watch the video below: