I don’t like ladies that twerk – Kizz Daniel Discloses

Nigerian prominent singer, Kizz Daniel  has just recently disclosed in an interview that though he might be asking too much from a woman, he dislikes the twerking ones.

Over the weekend, Twitter went bonkers when a snippet from his Punch interview surfaced where he said:

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“I like ambitious women who are intelligent, can think for themselves and envisage the future.
There are some women that can tell you a lot of ways to properly spend and invest N10m and you would be amazed.
That is the type of lady I want, a woman who can drown you in her thoughts.

I don’t want the type of woman that would only think about how to twerk and spend your money.

I like twerking and I’m not saying it’s bad but when it comes to choosing the woman I would live with for the rest of my life, I think intelligence is more important.

There will come a time when ladies would not be able to twerk again because of old age.”

Though this might just be an innocent slip-up, it won’t hurt him to educate himself so it doesn’t happen again.