Mr Eazi Permanently Kicked Out And Banned From Event

Nigerian award winning singer, Mr. Eazi went off on a rant after it was disclosed that he was allegedly kicked out and permanently banned from Terrakulture, Lagos for reportedly being rude to the owner of the property.

The Starboy signed artiste was said to have been rude to the owner of the show and after he found out he was been rude to the actual owner of the show he started pleading and even going on to prostrate but his pleas fell on deaf ears as he was been kicked out and permanently banned from the show.

A twitter had first earlier announced about the news on twitter which then followd by Mr Eazi’s reply and explanation. Read Below:

Twitter user;

“EXCLUSIVE: Mr Eazi kicked out & permanently banned from TerraKulture. He was rude to the owner, later knew who she was & apologised but it was too late. He postrated but she wasnt having any of it, cancelled his show & asked everyone to leave. The guy is too rude.”

Mr. Eazi then closely reacted to the claims of being permanently banned from Terrakulture and  wrote;

“I remember one man at your organisation said he will never play my music @CITY1051 guess what that hasnt stopped me! My mama don put anointing for my head!!!!! I wish you guys all the best! Life is eazi on this side!!!

For the records i cancelled Trace Live because i was not confident of the delivery of the event! I have had a smooth well branded #LagosToLondon roll put in the UK, Uganda, Tanzania, Kenya, no way i was gonna have a wuru wuru event in my home country Nigeria!!!

My band got into the country, we had two days of rehearsals and went to the venue for final rehearsals on time ie 7pm but there was no staff of the organisers at the venue! None! The lights and around engineers had not even received my tech rider!!!

This was the set that i agreed to but i got there and saw nothing! I met an empty stage apaz the set had been cancelled by the organisers!!! I will not play a substandard event for my core fans in LAGOS!! Mr eazi is a Global Brand!!!!!

I called Simi , to come play with me at the event, we made plans for King promise from Ghana to attend, even commenced speaking with burna to make sure we have some of the features on #LagosToLondon present at the event

My people is it a crime to ask someone their name?!!!!!!!! If I don’t know who you are is it a crime?!!! I took pictures with all the venue staff! Ate my coker fish pepper soup with lady donli and paid all the bills!!!!

Yo @CITY1051 Clap for yourself!! Clap well!!! You can never nEver ever stop this wave!!! It is a God Wave!!!! Your plans and schemes have no power!!! My Music & my fans & my business dey kampe!!!!

Thank God say Man/Woman no be God!!!

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