Offset Brings Rihanna Into His Beef With Chris Brown

chris brown and offset

Offset‘s making it clear he’s not afraid of Chris Brown after their recent fall out over 21 Savage arrest and possibly deportation.

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Their feud started when Breezy posted a meme mocking 21 Savage immigration’s woes, and Offset called that lame. Brown then unloaded on the Migo with a string of taunts and profanity.

Offset jabbed back with a cokehead reference this morning, now he’s coming with a girl-fighter uppercut and suggesting Brown wants out of the beef he escalated.

“I ain’t really have too much rap for you on this social media shit but since that’s where you wanna take it tell the people why you had your management reach out to squash the s***! Check my record and check yours only people you go to toe to toe with is women that’s for lame nikkas .Oh and btw Ima smack the s*** out you when I see you!

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We  can only wonder what Chris Brown will do next after Offset has played the Rihanna card.

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