Offset regrets beefing Chris Brown as he opens up for reconciliation

offset and chris beef

American rappers, Chris Brown and Offset were at loggerheads earlier this month over 21 savage’s sarcastic meme which was uploaded by Breezy over Savage’s shocking arrest.

Offset was pissed that Breezy was posting 21 Savage memes when Savage was locked up and facing deportation and hence started up a Offset and Chris beef.

Brown then told Set if he had a problem, he should pull up and face him which got matters worse as the duo went as far as booking a fight date.

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But now the Migo wishes he kept those Twitter fingers quiet.

He said this morning on Hot 97 that:

“I shouldn’t have even did that, “I don’t let people reel me up because I’m really — whatever message you tryna put, I’ve done it for real. See, the thing about the internet, people wanna go ‘hahaha’, but when something goes left, the internet gon’ tell on you and the person gon’ tell on you. I ain’t tryna get in no trouble.”

Perhaps Set rethought his stance on 21 Savage memes because once Savage got out of ICE detention he admitted some of the jokes about him were pretty funny.

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In what could be a related note, Offset also told the morning crew he quit sipping lean.

“I’m getting off this drank, this lean. It was never a cool thing for me,” Offset told Ebro. “I never was putting pictures of me pouring it up and doing that. It became something I was doing, it became a hobby. It became something that I just gotta do. And then I started to notice like, ‘I’m not gon’ get to my full potential with this!’ Then people start noticing that you love—like your mama tell you like, ‘Son, you need to stop drinking that stuff.’ I take that hard like, damn!”