Safer Cars Does Not Mean Safer Roads


These days, it’s pretty commonplace for cars to incorporate high of the road safety options. These vary from rear-view cameras, lane departure warnings, traction management and even blind spot detection.

Driving a secure vehicle will|can even|may also|may} mean more cash in your pocket as drivers can save on automobile insurance value. A automobile insurance company is mostly ready to give cheaper automobile insurance if your vehicle has safety options. However, safer cars don’t essentially mean safer roads across the country.

From January to Gregorian calendar month, roughly eighteen,720 individuals have died on U.S. roads. As a results of a growing economy, individuals area unit driving a lot of miles compared to recession level knowledge. Less state suggests that a lot of cars area unit on the road obtaining individuals to and from work and more cash for leisure activities. In 2017, Americans traveled three.22 trillion miles per the Federal road Administration.

Factor in a lot of miles driven in conjunction with dashing, drug ANd alcohol impaired driving and distracted driving and therefore the rate is at an uncomparable high.

South Carolina leads the state in traffic fatality rates per miles traveled. In 2017, the state had one.88 deaths per one hundred million miles traveled, that is nearly two occasions the national average. Illinois reportable one,090 traffic deaths.

This trend prompted Governor Rauner to declare August seventeen as Traffic Fatality Awareness Day at the Illinois State truthful through a partnership with the Illinois Department of Transportation, the Illinois State Police, Illinois Department of Health, Illinois Secretary of State and Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

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States across the country have launched similar awareness efforts like Vision Zero. Vision Zero’s goal is to strategically eliminate traffic fatalities and injuries whereas increasing safe, healthy and equitable quality for everybody.

Reducing speed is probably the foremost effective thanks to scale back the fatalities. Speed will increase the space it takes a automobile to return to an entire stop. The speed of impact is additionally directly correlate to the chance of death. the upper the speed of impact, the upper the likelihood of a traveler dying becomes.

Even with lower speeds, it’s exhausting for cops to enforce these lower limits. machine-controlled cameras area unit already unpopular and adding a lot of would even be pricey.

Every year, AN calculable forty,000 Americans die on the road. With effective legislation and commitment, we will all work along to cut back that datum.